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Beltelecom: achievements and new appointments

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


The number of Beltelecom public data communications network subscribers has increased by 22,9 per cent in 2005 and now totals 37,6 thousand. The growth of xDSL users (the service was introduced by Beltelecom in 2002) has become the major trend of the previous and current years.

The total capacity of the data communications network has increased by 67,7 per cent in 2005 and now total 21,3 thousand ports. The number of active ports totals 16,6 thousand which makes 77,9 per cent of total capacity. 23 secondary internet providers lease Beltelecom channels.

In January 2005, Beltelecom outer internet channel capacity totaled 465 Mbit/sec

Belarusian National telco is planning to increase speed and to improve the quality of access to Russian Internet networks. Recently, Beltelecom has signed an agreement with Russian company PeterStar. According to the agreement, the outer channel through the territory of Russia, Estonia and Latvia will be provided by PeterStar partners - Russian Evrotel, Estonian Elion and Latvian Lattelecom. The total capacity of the outer channel will be 300 Mbit/sec.

By 2010, Beltelecom is planning to increase the number of broadband Internet access ports in Belarus by 100 times. At present, national telco has 2,4 thousand ports, in 2006 the number will be increased by 18 thousand. It is planned that in five years Beltelecom will operate 237,4 broadband Internet access ports.

In 2005, Beltelecom had 3,01 mln. billings and sold 75 thousand internet cards for dial-up non-password internet access. Though the majority of Beltelecom clients use non-password dial-up Internet access, the company is planning to put into operation only 1680 dial up Internet access points in 2006.

On January 30, 2006, Konstantin Tikar, the former head of Beltelecom Intercity Communications Department, took up a post of Beltelecom general director. On December 22, 2005, Minister of Communications and Informatization of the Republic of Belarus Vladimir Goncharenko fired, with no explanations, Nikolai Zaitsev, who headed Beltelecom since August 2005.

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