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Velcom reviews its 2005 results

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


According to the information, presented by Velcom, the company has now 1 900 000 subscribers, which is 750 000 more then in the beginning of the 2005.

Velcom's network consists of 9500 transmitters, 1130 base stations and 8 commutators, covering 65% of the countries territory with 89% of population.

Velcom is the only provider of GPRS, MMS and EDGE services in Belarus. The EDGE services, launched by Velcom in December, 2005 are available no in Vitebsk, Minsk and Grodno regions.

During the year of 2005, the company has invested USD 75,5 mln, mainly in new technologies and equipment. The company has paid more than Br 163 bln of taxes and other national budget payments. In 2006, the company is planning to invest USD 100 mln., which is 30% more than in 2005.

Velcom investments since the beginning of the company's operations total USD 293 mln.

Velcom has 1100 employees. In 2005, the company created 200 more workplaces.

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