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Belarusian Informatization programme implementation peace is slackened

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


According to the Minister of Communications and Informatization of Belarus Vladimir Goncharenko assessments, Belarusian informatization programme implementation is lagging behind the scheduled terms.

Goncharenko pointed out that lack of finance is one of the reasons for that. In 2003-2004, Br 10 billion were allocated for eBelarus projects, which was not enough to start all the projects simultaneously. In 2003-2005, only 70% of the allocated budget were received by the project implementers.

Nevertheless, some 102 projects are under the way within the eBelaruss programme, and the planned budget Br 132 billion and 100mln.

The Minister stressed that only 10 projects are financed fully according the eBelarus budget, and only 4 of them get full financing and meet the terms requirements.

Vladimir Goncharenko criticized National Academy of Science (the body formerly responsible for eBelarus implementation) had ignored the necessity of competition. That led to adoption of unreasonably expensive projects and to the lack of coordination.

The Minister is going to revise the list of eBelarus projects in order to set up priorities. In addition to that, he requested assistance from the Ministry of Finance for the audit of eBelarus spending in previous years.

At the same time Ministry of Finance expressed its concern about the fact that Ministry of Informatization, as a new implementing body, has invested only 32% of budget allocated for eBelarus programme into the programme progects.

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