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Belarus Mobile Users, January 01, 2008 Belarus Mobile Users, April 01, 2010

The number of mobile phone users has increased by 48% per cent in 2005

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


On October 27, Belarusian Minister of communications and informatization Vladimir Goncharenko reported that the number of mobile users in Belarus totaled 3,6 mln (mobile penetration - 37%), which is 1,175 mln more than in the beginning of the year.

BelCel, the oldest Belarusian mobile communications operator covers 37,3 per cent of the country's territory(81% of population) with its IMT-MC-450 network. The number of BelCel subscribers totals now 93 thousand.

MDC (Velcom) network covers 60 per cent of the country's territory (99% of urban population) and has now more than 1,65 mln subscribers.

The third Belarusian GSM operator - MTS- covers 54,5 per cent of the country's territory , 95,9% of the country's urban population, having 1,68 subscribers.

But Minister Goncharenko stressed that Belarusian mobile operators do not meet Ministry of Communications requirements concerning mobile penetration in the country.

The fourth Belarusian mobile GSM 900/1800 provider BeST has not started its operations yet.

MDC (Velcom) has not covered 11 agrocities (small towns) in Mogilev region as it had been planned before by the Ministry of Communications. The same reproach was expressed towards MTS concerning 14 agrocities in Mogilev region and two border check points in Gomel region.

BelCel has installed only 109 base stations though it had been planned to install 200 new base stations within the period of 2004-2005.

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