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Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus on Cybercrime

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


According to Belarusian Ministry of Internal Affairs Public Relations Department illegal access to computer information, illegal modification of computer information, computer sabotage and credit cards theft and fraud are the most typical computer crimes in Belarus.

In 2005 cooperation of Russian and Belarusian Ministries of Internal Affairs resulted in uncovering international criminal network specializing on computer crimes and on crimes in the HiTech sphere.

In June 2005 Belarusian militia uncovered international criminal group which stole USD 112 000 from the Citibank (USA) clients accounts in August - November 2003.

In 2003, criminal group specializing on child pornography online dissemination was uncovered in Minsk. The total profit of the group totaled USD 3 mln. Belarusian Ministry of Internal Affairs participates in the international special operation Innocent Images Task Force.

Ministry of Internal Affairs spokesman stressed that 60%, of computer crimes are committed by people aged from 18-29, and 8% - by juvenile delinquents.

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