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DVB digital TV broadcasting will be launched in Belarus by 2015

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


Belarusian government is planning to launch DVB digital TV broadcasting by 2015.

In July 2005 Ministry of Communications and Informatization, Minstry of Industry, Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Finace are to submit for approval of the Council of Ministers the state programme of digital TV broadcasting introduction.

According to the draft programme in 2005- 2008 technical and judicial regulations will be worked out and some pilot projects will be launched. Beltelecom is to install fiber-optic connections between TV broadcasting stations.

In 2005-2009 the broadcasting equipment is to be modernized.

By 2010 Belarusian TV producers Horizont and Vitiaz are to develop domestic digital TV receivers..

At present Belarusian analogous TV broadcasting network consist of 24 high capacity multiprogramme TV stations, 1 high capacity single programme station and 21 low capacity relay stations, 5 of which are multiprogramme..

In 2004 a digital TV broadcasting pilot project was launched in Minsk. It is planned that permanent DVB TV broadcasting will be launched in Minsk this month.

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