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Beltelecom and Intersputnik negotiate on a joint stock company creating

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


Beltelecom and Intersputnik has conducted negotiations on creation of a joint stock company which could provide modern multimedia satellite communication services.

Intresputnik delegation headed by the company's general director V. Belov met with Minister of Communications and Informatization of the Republic of Belarus V. Goncharenko and with Beltelecom representatives. The negotiations resulted in the agreement to use Intersputnik capacity for providing satellite multimedia services on the territory of Belarus and to discuss prospects of creating a joint stock company during the three subsequent months

Intersputnik provides services to telecommunication operators and to corporate clients using satellites LMI-1 (Lockheed Martin Intersputnik joint stock company), Express-A and Express-AM (Russia). Inrespitnik manages marketing and provision of Eutelsat satellite telecommunications system services (23 satellites) and Gazkom system (Jamal-200 satellites). Intersputnik system consist of more than 150 ground-base stations for long-haul communications and more than 1500 ground-based stations in VSAT and television distribution networks.

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