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President Lukashenko appoints a new general director of Velcom

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


President of the Republic Of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko appointed Gennadi Melnikov to the position of Velcom general director on June 16, 2005. Nikolai Yshkevich, a former acting general director took the position in autumn 2003.

President Lukashenko explained his decision by the necessity to provide cheap and high-quality mobile communications for the citizens of Belarus.

Gennadi Melnikovhas a good experience of socially oriented projects management. In particular, a Beltelecom programme for telephonization of retirement homes has been carried out under his management.

Gennadi Melnikov came to Velcom from Beltelecom RSA, where he took the position of deputy director of network operation department.

Velcom shareholders have not expressed their reaction to the new appointment so far.

At present Velcom is one of the major investors in Belarus. The company's investments total now USD 223 mln. The company is in the list of 20 major taxpayers: in 2004 Velcom paid USD 42 mln of taxes. Velcom control packet of shares belongs to the state.

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