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State owned GSM-operator BeST plans to begin construction of the cellular network in the near future

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


The third operator of standard GSM - BeST (Belarusian network of telecommunications) has received the license for rendering of services of telecommunication on March, 24 2005.

According to general director Mikhail Demchenko, for licensing the enterprise has paid 100 EUR as it is stipulated by the current legislation. About any additional payments, for example for use of a frequency resource, it was not informed.

For creation of a new network 12 channels in a range of 900 MHz and 50 channels in a range of 1.800 MHz are allocated. Telephone numbers of subscribers of the new operator will begin with number " 9 ", and a new code "+375 25".

Commercial operation of a new network, according to conditions of the license, should begin not later than six months from the moment of its distribution. The operator should provide within the first year of work with cellular communication Minsk and all regional centers, on the second year of work - 8 basic transport highways, within the third year - territory on which 90 % of the population of the country live.

In the Ministry of Communications and Informatization of the Republic of Belarus expect for participation in the tender on delivery of the equipment for the third operator of mobile communication of standard GSM BeST in Belarus of some the large foreign companies. The tender is planned to declare on April, 15; the necessary documentation now prepares.

In total creation of a new network will demand about 200 million USD. It is planned, that the project will be paid back in 2008, the operator expects for break-even work to leave at the end of the second year of work.

Negotiations go as on the questions connected to delivery of the equipment, and under credits for development of a network of the third GSM-operator. In particular, on March, 28 2005 during a meeting of Minister of Communications and Informatization of the Republic of Belarus Vladimir Goncharenko with Minister of Economics and trade of Lebanon was discussed the opportunity of attraction on the specified purposes of the Lebanese credits under a guarantee of the Belarusian government.

Vladimir Goncharenko has reminded, that the first operator of cellular communication in Belarus of standard GSM - MDC (trade mark VELCOM) buys the equipment from Siemens and Ericsson, the second - MTS - at Siemens. Belcel gets the equipment of the standard cdma2000 at Huawei.

State owned Belarusian GSM operator BeST is registered by Minsk City Executive Committee on November, 5, 2004. BeST was founded by Beltelecom (25%) and by state owned enterprise Agat (75%). Authorized fund of the company makes 125KEUR and is completely brought in the monetary form.

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