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The number of Beltelecom public data communications network subscribers increased by 34,8%

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


The number of Beltelecom public data communications network subscribers has increased by 34,8% in 2004 and totals now 30,569. 72% of subscribers have Internet access (password dial-up access, DSL, Ethernet, SDSL, ADSL, X.25/X.28 - 21 protocols).

More than 2m subscribers use non-password dial-up access services.

Total capacity of the data communications network - 13,000 ports, only 70% of which were loaded by the beginning of 2005.

In December, 2004 Beltelecom put into operation third outer internet channel, 155 Mbit/sec. bandwidth.

By January 1, 2005 the outer channel throughput totaled 355 Mbit/sec. which is by 155 MBit/sec. more than in the beginning of 2004. In 2005 Beltelecom is planning to put into operation a 155 Mbit/sec. channel instead of 45 Mbit/sec. channel functioning now. That will lead to total increase of network capacity up to 465 MBit/sec.

Beltelecom public data communications network was put into operation in 1996. It functions as a means of Internet access and as a backbone for clients corporate networks

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