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Beltelecom launches a new intercity electronic automatic exchange

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


A new Beltelecom new intercity electronic automatic exchange which starts functioning in the beginning of September is intended for intercity connections in Minsk region and for mobile operators' and Internet services.

This is the third intercity automatic exchange in Belarus. The first one was built 20 years ago and used Yugoslavian Metaconta-10C system Iskra (now Iskratel, Slovenia) and the second one was built in 1997 and used Siemens EWSD equipment.

Based on the first intercity exchange first direct international channels to Canada, Great Britain and Poland were launched. The second automatic exchange station now provides 3 mln connection per day.

The decision to build up the third intercity electronic exchange in Minsk was taken by Beltelecom in 2003. Commutation equipment AXE-810 with APZ 212 33 processors has been provided by "Eriksson Nicola Tesla" company (Croatia). The new station has 15120 ports.

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