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Belarusian high-tech park to be built

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


The Belarusian government is to create a "Park of High Technologies", which will focus on encouraging the development of up and coming technologies in the country.

The park, which has also been called the Belarusian Silicon Valley, will be financed from the national budget and the Minsk city budget as well as the participants' contributions.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has ordered the government to prepare documents on the creation of the Park of High Technologies within a month.

He said this project is part of a strategy to create better conditions for tapping the potential of young scientists in Belarus

Presidential deputy chief of staff Nikolai Ivanchenko said the future-oriented technologies that would be a focus of the park will include information technologies, nanotechnologies and new materials, energy saving and alternative power generation, microelectronics, and technologies based on the processing of domestic resources.

Speaking at a workshop on innovation policy in Vitebsk on Friday, Mr Ivanchenko said the park would be co-ordinated by the National Academy of Sciences, the Economics Ministry, and the Minsk city executive committee.

There are also plans to create an observer council headed by the prime minister that will determine concrete directions for the development of the Park, regulate its interaction with government structures, and approve concrete projects

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