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The number of Belcel cdma2000 subscribers increses

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


The number of Belcel (trademark Diallog ) cdma2000 subscribers has increased by 26% and totals now 38 thousand.

Belcel experts predict that the number of subscribers will reach 50 thousand by June and 100 thousand by the end of December, 2004.

At present 67 Belcel base stations cover 27% of the country's territory with 52% of population (and 73% of them are city dwellers).

Belcel is the first NMT-450 (launched in1993) and IMT-MC-450 (launched in 2003) operator in Belarus.

The founders of Belcel are omstrut International (Netherlands) -50% , Infobank (Trustbank) -17% and two state companies - MGTS (29,7%) and Minskoltelecom (3, 3 %).

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