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ISP "Business Network" founders investment outlays reimbursed

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


By the end of 2004 Business Network a Belarusian-British joint venture is planning to reimburse investment outlays, i.e. USD 2mln, to its founders said Sergei Poblaguev, general Director of the company, at the press conference which took place in Minsk on the 5th of April.

Business Network has installed 15 telecommunication nodes in Minsk and 12 - in regional centers Brest, Mogilev, Vitebsk, Gome, Grodno and smaller towns: Baranovichi, Bobruisk, Borisov, Zlobin, Mozyr, Molodechno and Novoplotsk.

Company's Internet channel capacity has increased from 64 kbit/sec to 15 Mbit/sec and modem pool capacity has increased from 60 to 300 modems in five years Now there are 50 people working for the company. Business Network has now 8.000 direct clients

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