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Belcel extends cdma2000 network

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


A year ago (February 6, 2003) BelCel, a NMT standard mobile operator, put cdma2000 (IMT-MC-450) network into operation The company has invested more than 15 mln USD dollars into its new project and now has 15 000 cdma2000(DIALLOG) subscribers.

By the end of 2004 Belcel is planning to build 140 new base stations (now it has 60) to cover the territory inhabited by 90% of country's population, including all the cities with population more than 10 000 and smaller settlements around them, with cdma2000 network.

According to company's spokesman at present cdma2000 network covers the territory with 50% of population of the country (all the regional and the majority of local centers).

In May of 2003 roaming with SKYLINK IMT-MC-450 network in St.Petersburg and in February of 2004 roaming with SKYLINK in Moscow were put into operation by BelCel.

Belcel offers the widest range of IMT-MC-450 mobile phones in the world.

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