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Index of teledensity in Belarus run up to 32 phones per 100 inhabitants

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


According to Belarusian Minister of Information Vladimir Goncharenko the number of telephones per 100 inhabitants run up to 32,3 by the beginning of 2004.

In urban areas the teledensity index is 36,8% and in rural areas - 21,2%. At the same time, added Mr. Goncharenko, the capacity of operating telephone exchanges is used only by 98,6% in urban and by 97,4% in rural areas. In the year of 2003 telephone network has been extended to 180 small settlements against of planned 150.

In 2003 the number of international telephone conversations increased by 26,5% in comparison with the previous year and totaled 921 mln. Total Internet non-password access time made up 249,4 mln.min. The number of e-mail messages sent via Beltelecom in 2003 totaled 1 mln.461 thousand, which is 79,7% more than in 2002.

According Belarusian Ministry of Statistics data, gross profit of communication companies came to BLR 675,1 bln. (~300MUSD)

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