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Belarus Mobile Users, January 01, 2008 Belarus Mobile Users, April 01, 2010

Mobile subscribers number has doubled in Belarus

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


By the end of 2003, 1 092 000 mobile phone subscribers were registered in Belarus, which is 2.4 times (620 000) more than in the beginning of the year when there were 470 000 subscribers.

The most rapid growth was shown by MTS mobile operator, which has by now 452000 customers (10 times more than in the beginning of 2003). The number of Velcom clients has increased by 1,5 times and totaled 620 000 by the end of 2003. The number of Belcel (Diallog) has remained stable as the NMT-450 operator has been changing over to the digital cdma2000 standard.

The begining of 2003

At the beginning of 2003 Velcom held 87% of mobile communications market, MTS - 9% and Belcel - 4%. By the end of the year MTS shared 41% of the market, while Velcom and Belcel shared 57% and 2% respectively.

The end of 2003

Ministry of Communications forecasts that the number of mobile subscribers will double in 2004 and will total 2mln.

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