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The third GSM operator should cover 60% of Belarus at the launch

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


Minister of Communications Vladimir Goncharenko has recently announced that the main requirement for the third GSM 900/1800 MHz license bidding winner is to cover 60% of the territory of Belarus before stating its operations. According to Goncharenko in order to compete with Velcom and MTS a new investor should a new investor should subscribe user only after having built an extended network.

It is interesting to mention that MTS, the second GSM operator, entered Belarusian market in June, 2002. At that moment it had a network of 20 base stations, supplied by Siemens with a switch exchange of 100,000 lines. At the launch, coverage extended to the larger part of Minsk and surrounding areas near the national airport. But this network had been established within a very short period of 2 months.

Cdma2000 DialLog network launched by Belcel in February 2003 had started with Minsk coverage as well.

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