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The third anniversary of TUT.BY

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


Every day about 40 000 users visit portal TUT.BY, launched on the 5th of October 2000. Its monthly audience is more than 530 000 visitors. At present there are 330 000 mail boxes at TUT.BY.

This year a number of new forums have been launched at TUT.BY (http://forums.tut.by/). Recently the Bynet (Belarusian part of the Internet) navigation system (http://catalog.tut.by/) has been launched on the basis of Yandex search engine. Only during the first few days 10 000 people have used a new service.

TUT.BY provides a wide range of free services for individual users and, through the Center of E-business, renders paid services to companies (web- design, hosting, e-mail and etc.). every month the volume of these paid services grows by 10-15%.

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