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Belarus to ban use of incoming satellite channels

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


The Belarus communications ministry has introduced clauses to licence agreements for new ISPs about the obligatory use of Beltelecom internet service provider channels for incoming traffic. The same instructions were given to those that already have licences.

Because of the high prices for Beltelecom services, all private ISPs had used asymmetric internet access - outgoing requests through low speed channels and incoming traffic through satellite channels.

Mr. Ivashkevich, vice-director at Solo ISP, said that the restriction will cause prices for end-users to increase from $0.80 (E0.94) an hour to $1.50 (E1.77) an hour.

Representatives of other ISP companies point out that the clause is unlawful as licence agreements can be changed only if there are changes in the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

Some experts associate the steps taken by the Ministry for Communications with the fact that Beltelecom has increased its outgoing channel capacity

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